FlashForward: Let No Man Put Asunder

This is it folks. Does Demetri die or not?  Who tries to kill him?  Does it even matter that in alt world it has been almost a month since he should have died?  Damn long hiatus.  Finally the seeds of the story they planted oh those many months ago are finally coming together.  Remember when we found out that Aaron’s daughter Tracy was really alive and was on the run from Jericho?  Well as it would seem Assistant Director Stanford Wedeck is finally getting something more to do than walk around the FBI office giving orders. Lloyd and Olivia are moving steadily closer to nookieville, and Dem is beginning to face his life and death.   FlashForward has this sneaky way of moseying along not doing much of anything when WHAM!  It hits you right in the gut.  Well consider me winded folks.

When FF first started I was a fan of Lloyd Simcoe.  He was smart without being a know-it-all.  He was mysterious without being threatening.  He was, well he was entertaining.  However since his storyline has moved steadily closer to Olivia’s I have found him to be a boring drip of a character.  Let’s put him anywhere but with her so I can like him again.  Wow I just realized the extent of how much I do not like Olivia.  I believe I startled myself with that knowledge.  In all fairness to Olivia I can’t stand Charlie either.  I mean what kid cries like that?  No really.  Can anyone tell me of a time they have heard a kid cry like their sounding it out?  If you can tell me of a time I will send you a hero cookie (Oreo’s of course, I don’t bake). And please do not tell me to go easy on her because she is  a child actor.  That is no excuse for being excruciating to watch.  Let’s try and remember that at one time Dakota Fanning and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were child actors too.  Thank you.  Point. Set. Match.  Unfortunately since it appears that Mr. D. Gibbons has plans for her she won’t be going up the stairs to never be heard from again.  Damn the bad luck.

Praise Be, it’s a freaking miracle Stanford Wedeck has a purpose!  Oh yeah that’s right you read it here first, at least I hope you did if you haven’t already seen the episode.  Not only does he have a purpose, but it manages to tie into Jericho, the new Vice President, and Aaron Starke.  I know, right?  I couldn’t frakking believe it either.  My faith in this show grows from week to week.  Now all they need to do is bring Bryce in to the loop instead of leaving him hanging on the branch all by himself.  Not to mention Model Girl (yes I forgot her name again and no I do not feel like jetting over to IMDb to find out what it is). Oh hell, where was I?  Oh yeah that’s right good ole Stan.  Is it just me or did he jump on the VP’s bandwagon mighty fast?  Isn’t he supposed to despise her?  Oh who cares, I’m just glad that Mr. Vance finally gets to do something other than look official and stern.  Not that he doesn’t do stern brilliantly, but still come on he had to be getting bored.

Oh Dem, you had me from “Islands in the stream.”  Hell you had me from Harold, but that is another post.  I know you don’t want me to keep you waiting because I am sure you have been patiently waiting to discover whether Dem lives or dies.  Well to that I say “Patience is a virtue.”  Which I have none, but seeing as how I have seen the episode I don’t have to have patience.  Somedays, it’s good to be me.  I must say that it was strange seeing the role reversal between Mark and Dem.  Usually Dem is the laid back agent and Mark is the one who is tense and wound up, not tonight though.  Nope it was Dem’s turn to show what a pushy hard ass he could be.  Not that it got him anywhere.  Not unless you count shooting a guy who wanted to talk to Macho Man Randy Savage.  Honestly I wouldn’t mind talking to him either, but just so I could say that I did.  No scratch that if I had to pick a wrestler I would pick Captain Lou Albano.  Granted he’s dead now, but still if I could pull a Ghost Whisperer I would choose him.

Poor Dem, that guy just can’t catch a break.  First he doesn’t have a flash, then he finds out that he is going to be murdered with his partner’s gun, and finally he get’s knocked out and kidnapped before attending his own wedding.  Oh and wait, that’s not all.  Oh yeah people that is most definitely not all.  For any of us who were wondering whether or not he and Janis took a trip to Nookieville well our questions were most assuredly answered because Janis “The Mole” Hawk is in fact pregnant.  I know!  Knocked the wind right out of me with that little revelation.  I almost choked on the water that I had been drinking.  By the way, water coming out of your nose is not funny.  It frakking hurts.  So there it is my fellow FlashForward fans, Dem is not dead, yet.  Which means that we will have to wait until next week to find out his fate.  With only one episode left until April 29th I wonder if they are suddenly going to jump forward in time in order to allow for the FF’s to come to fruition on the actual date the episode airs?  Now that would be cool.

Until next week,


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