Meet Spike Jonze!

Check out this new creative look at Spike Jonze’s new film project as part of  “The Creators Project”.  The Creators Project is a global initiative bringing together the world’s leading and most relevant innovators in music, art, film, design and architecture through a common passion for creativity and technology. The event series kicks-off in New York City June 26th with installations and exhibits by Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Takeshi Murata, Karl Sadler, Mark Essen and Radical Friend, and performances by Mark Ronson, Interpol, Die Antwoord (first NYC show), Gang Gang Dance, N.A.S.A, during Sleigh Bells and Salem. For more information you can go to:

Spike Jonze, critically acclaimed director of feature films “Where The Wild Things Are”,  “Adaptation”, and “Being John Malkovich”, is today’s featured Creator on The Creators  Project. A wunderkind in the film industry, Spike started out doing photography for  extreme biking and skate publication Freestylin’ Magazine and eventually co-editing youth  culture magazines Homeboy and Dirt. This led on to gigs shooting music videos for the
likes of Fatboy Slim, Bjork, The Chemical Brothers, and The Beastie Boys, garnering  attention and ultimately launching his directing career.

Meet Spike Jonze

Spike will also play a key role in this weekend’s upcoming Creators Project NYC Launch  Event, which will host a screening of his latest work, Los Angeles robot romance “I’m  Here”. Part of special interactive video installation, audience members will have the  chance to answer questions afterwards written by Spike himself about the film – these  will eventually become part of a special film project that will live on The Creators  Project site. Additionally, as a special bonus, Japanese singer-songwriter Aska will be  performing live scores from the movie’s soundtrack at the event.

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