Lost in Reviews gets lost in Austin for FANTASTIC FEST 2010

That’s right, I fell in love with Austin during SXSW. Thus what could be better than spending more time in the most amazing movie theaters on earth (the Alamo Draft House for the uninitiated) and the coolest city in Texas?

With that I am happy to announce that Lost in Reviews will be making a return to Austin for “the geeks Telluride” Fantastic Fest 2010. Starting today I will be your intrepid man on the scene for the U.S. Premier of Let Me In, Stone, and Red. There is also a gala screening of Buried with Ryan Reynolds and director Rodrigo Cortes in attendance. All around exciting stuff and that’s just the first couple days.  The first, second, and third waves of programing have been announced in addition to the usual surprise screenings.

If you want to live the trip to Fantastic Fest vicariously through me I would recommend following me on Twitter. I plan to update it as necessary with the fest underway. I’m basically going alone so “as necessary” means incessantly. Reviews of everything I see at Fantastic Fest will be right here at Lost in Reviews. I’ll be doing daily recaps of all the films seen each day and individual reviews when something compels me, that is as long as I can keep up.

Stay tuned for more.

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