Movie Review: Little Fockers: One Focker Too Much

Ok, so if you have seen Meet the Parents and/or Meet the Fockers, you already have a pretty good idea what you are in for when you sit down for Little Fockers. We’ve met the parents, the couple is married and happily living in a nice place and now, and they have two little “twins” to celebrate a birthday for. I say “twins” in quotes because the boy and girl looked to be about two or three years apart. They try to cover this up in the film by claiming that Samantha (Daisy Tahan) has hit a growth spurt and Henry (Colin Baiocchi) hasn’t caught up yet. The truth of the matter is, the kids are not the focus of this film. Yes, there is a huge birthday party that is being planned for them throughout the movie, but the running theme of the film is if Greg can step up and become the GodFocker of the family in place of Jack’s demise.

I have to say that I kind of knew what I was getting myself into when I sat down to watch Little Fockers: over the top slap stick jokes that aren’t funny with very expected turns in the film that would have me thinking, “I could have written this” the entire time. Not that I would write such drivel, however it was so simple that anyone could have done so. Let me step back a bit and give you an example of when this thought first occurred. The film was actually on a nice pace in the beginning as you see Jack call Greg and ask him in confidence if he could be the GodFocker for the whole family, should something terrible happen to him. He accepts and sits down to continue his dinner with the family. Little Henry has become picky with food lately and Greg assumes a Brando-esque approach to his son and gets him to start eating his food. Ok, that was kind of funny and sweet, then they had to go and ruin it by having Henry vomit inhuman amounts of grotesque, chunky vomit all over Greg’s face. Come on people!

As for the talent in this film, we have a lot of returners and not a lot of new faces. Ben Stiller was Stiller as he usually is, although, there was a shot where I swear he was giving a Zoolander face. Overall, he was funny enough for this film, but nothing memorable. Robert DeNiro. Oh DeNiro, why are you stooping to this shit level of acting and films? I respect that everyone likes to be in a comedy once in a while, but this film almost disrespected DeNiro as much as his terrible appearance on Saturday Night Live a couple of weeks ago. They had the man wearing a boner for god’s sake! Again, part of a film plot that I saw a million miles away, but that just makes it more disappointing when you actually see it happen. The only two returning talents that I enjoyed were Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand and they were barely in the film. Looks like they stood up for their careers and worked out a deal to only be in the film five minutes total. You see them in one of the opening scenes explaining where they are in their life and give the excuse why you won’t see them in the rest of the film and then they aren’t seen again until the final two chapters. I love these two actors so much and wanted to see more of them, but appreciated what they gave the film.

One person I was stoked see on the screen was Laura Dern as Prudence, the head of an early school they are trying to get the twins into. Unfortunately, her time was kept short and pretty sane compared to what she is capable of. She is the female version of Nic Cage to me.  The two young kids were adorable and each added their own personalities. Samantha was a bit of a bad ass and refused to speak to her Dad the whole film. (Good way to avoid bad acting, I suppose). Henry had more speaking lines and brought a few of the jokes to the screen as well. We also had two new characters with Harvey Keitel and Jessica Alba. Keitel’s role was wasted and almost pointless. Alba’s role was intended to provide most of the laughs and the drama in the story. However gorgeous Jessica Alba is, she is still not great at comedy in my opinion. Her role was very over the top and almost like a person on cocaine at all times, which she pulled off brilliantly at times. She is just rather annoying throughout the film.

Oh, and we can’t forget Owen Wilson. His character is probably my favorite of the bunch. He is just so zen and calming as well as deeply emotional, while also being bloody stinking rich. He makes so much money, that he parties with Deepak Chopra and jet-skiing monks. Without his role, this would have probably come off as an utter failure.

It has become evident to me that the film Little Fockers is only intended for children up to the age of fourteen or whenever they stop thinking that projectile vomit in the face is funny. The basic story of the film is coherent and easy to follow, as well as the acting being above par, so I can’t give this an epic fail, however, I greatly disliked it and wish to never have to see it again.

I give Little Fockers 1 “Focker movie too much” out of 5

by Angela Davis

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  1. Quit hating man if you think you can make better than why don’t you go write a movie script and see if you will sell more than what this movie is about to sell you shit-face


  2. Don’t like your style of writing. It’s not very descriptive or creative, reads like a resturant menu. I do agree with your opinion on this movie, however I think you could have included additional examples of why it fails in comparison. This review basically amounts to a critique about Robert DeNiros appearance.


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