Movie Review: Battle: Los Angeles – Big action arrives in time for spring.

Two dudes get a chance to see a “dudes” type of film as Ryan and John take up arms and review Battle: Los Angeles. This is the summer of action with well known comic book characters  Thor, Green Lantern and Captain America arriving in theaters between May and July. In addition to the lesser known graphic novel adaptation of Cowboys and Aliens, and the toy to film roots of Transformers: Dark of The Moon, it would seem that an original non-adaptation in the “alien invaders from space genre,” Battle: Los Angeles has chosen to take a preemptive strike at action in theaters to kick-off spring. Battle: Los Angeles brings huge bombastic action to the big screen with a large cast that features Aaron Eckhart front and center. With its nearly two hour run time, does the action and alien invasion offer enough to make it a winner? Watch the video below and see what John and Ryan thought of Battle: Los Angeles.

Words: John Coovert
Video Editing: Ryan Davis

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