SXSW: Interview with Director of Hesher

I had briefly spoken with Director, Spencer Susser and some of the cast before my screening of Hesher at SXSW. However, I loved the film so much that I just had to sit back down with Spencer and pick his brain a bit more about the direction he used and how he shot Hesher. I would urge everyone to check out Hesher when it comes through your town.

Hesher is the story of a loner that hates the world and everyone who bugs him. He has long hair, looks malnourished and is covered with homemade tattoos that also shout his hatred to the world. It’s obvious that he is near homeless when young TJ throws a rock through an abandoned building’s window and Hesher comes gliding out with hate in eyes ready to pounce on who ever just interrupted his day. From this moment, Hesher and TJ are bound together by a strange force that neither can shake. Read full review here.

by Angela Davis

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