The best of the unknown bands at SXSW

THE WICKED TOMORROW (Brooklyn, NY): I’d have to say there is nothing so foreign and strange when it comes to music as walking down the streets at SXSW and hearing great jams that force you to find the source of the intriguing tones. The first and definitely not the last time this happened to me was with a band called The Wicked Tomorrow at an Irish pub. The band embodied the very soul of my favorite kind of music: plain and simple old-school rock. The kind of sounds that never made it in the mainstream past the 60’s. The Wicked Tomorrow takes a page out of the Rolling Stones’ book but seems to take a much more eerie route, but this fact makes them stand out and gives them their edge. The band is made up of Ian Jacobs (Guitar/Vocals) and Michelle Feliciano (Drums/Vocals). The chemistry of the two band members is not as dark and mysterious as their Myspace/Facebook photos would lead you to believe; I’d say they come off more young and fun. You can tell they get a little nervous while they play, but I say there is nothing wrong with it because simply the music is amazing. I have to say it is a little refreshing to see a show that seems more human than act. If you’re looking for some new indie music, this band is definitely worth checking out.

COMMUNIST DAUGHTER (Minneapolis, Minnesota): Communist Daughter is one of the bands that undeniably prove that great bands can be hidden in the SXSW roster. Communist Daughter puts on one of the greatest and most emotional shows that I have ever seen. Their music tells what seems to be thought-provoking and powerful tales with the lyrics but simultaneously making music that can just be fun to dance to. The dynamic between Johnny Solomon and the band works perfectly, with their voices and singing styles completing each other in a way that stands apart from most bands. Also what makes Communist Daughter so great is the honesty in the lyrics, offering a hazy glimpse into Johnny Solomon’s life and feelings. I find this to be one of the most respectable traits about the band. All in all, this is one of the most beautiful bands that I’ve heard lately, and no tracks on the album can really portray how extraordinary the live performance is. This is one band that deserves the opportunity to tour and spread their music to a wider audience, both for their benefit and ours.

Be sure and check out these bands and catch a live show if they are coming to your town.

by Josh Davis

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