Lost in Previews: Taken 2

I think most of us knew a sequel was in the works for the success that was Taken.  Today, the international trailer for Taken 2 came online, and it is pretty much the same plot as the first one.  Brian is surprised in Istanbul by his ex-wife Lenore and daughter Kim.  Little does Brian know that the guys he killed in the first film have some friends who want to exact some revenge on him.  They take his ex-wife and come after the daughter as well.  I think we all know who wins at the end of this film.  Taken 2 stars Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen, Leland Orser, Rade Serbedzija, Luke Grimes, and Aclan Bates.

Taken 2 is in theatres October 5, 2012.

Source: Joblo

by Sarah Ksiazek

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  1. Looks good but they need to do something about that title. Sounds so cheesy. Oh wait. Is it 2 like now they have his wife AND daughter so its twice the Taken? Double the abduction (takings?) double the action? Was “Taken, Again” already used? What about Look whose Taken now? One could go on for hours with this. 



    I can’t wait to see “Taken 2”, after watching the first film
    earlier this week with my co-worker from Dish; we are both huge Neeson fans. I
    have no doubt that this film will be as much fun as the first. I love action packed
    movies that star a father who is emotionally bound to his daughter. Since my
    co-worker and I have been friends a long time and we are both away from our
    families this week, it was nice to have an alternative way to watch a movie
    using Dish Online. Movie lovers seem concerned that the daughter might not have
    the necessary skills in this action flick; I think Neeson will be doing most of
    that don’t you? I am anticipating the next installment; I hope we will all
    enjoy some fatherly action with “Taken 2”.


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