Even more posters for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

As if the 20 or so posters released already were not enough, today saw the release of three additional posters for The Dark Knight Rises. First up is the IMAX one sheet. I’m not sure where the trend of IMAX releases getting their own posters began, but as a fan of poster art I’m all for it. That said, short of the banners that have been released for The Dark Knight Rises, I’ve found most of the posters thus far a bit disappointing, compared to those for The Dark Knight. That trend continues here.

Meh, the following doesn’t do much more for me either. This reminds me of something one would buy at Target and screams PHOTOSHOP!

The final poster is more of a UK “quad” style using artwork that’s been floating around on The Dark Knight Rises site for the last week or so.

Out of the three this last one is likely my favorite. I like how Bane’s eyes also seem to form the bat logo. I find it a bit odd that The Dark Knight Rises being easily one of, if not possibly the most anticipated films of the summer, that Warner Bros. has been releasing so much art for the film.

Tickets for midnight showings of The Dark Knight Rises are on sale now. For our Kansas City readers the now under Alamo Drafthouse control/management (though not yet a full fledged Drafthouse) Mainstreet Theater had tickets for their Midnight Showings and Trilogy Screenings of Nolan’s Bat films go on sale yesterday. Tickets for which can be found here by scrolling down to a date of 7/19. That is less than 13 days away folks! Looks like they are offering up the dine in theater experience for the whole thing. I’d venture to guess that is the ideal way to see it, and thus tickets wont last long so act quickly and support an American owned company when you go to see The Dark Knight Rises!

By John Coovert

3 thoughts on “Even more posters for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

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    1. No doubt, I sometimes wonder who lets things like that out into the world. That second one approaches “fan art” territory in its terribleness. Hell I’ve seen better fan art than that.


      1. The sad thing is, is that I can actually see tons of people thinking that poster is amazing and can already picture the inevitable hoards of kids wearing shirts from Hot Topic with that artwork on it. 


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