Watch a 13 Minute featurette for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES!

There are only 10 days left until the midnight premiere of everyone’s most anticipated movie of the summer, year, decade, EVER, The Dark Knight Rises! Assuming some of you out there are as obsessed as I am, spending all of my free time shuffling through dozens of posters, banners, trailers, and listening to the samples for Hans Zimmer’s score repeatedly, then you’ll be pleased as punch to watch this little puff piece for the film. It’s pretty basic stuff. Half of it is just introducing/reintroducing the characters, but the real reason to watch it, is to check out just how much of the film is filled with practical effects. Like, HUGE ones. You get to see Chris Nolan directing stunt-men from a helicopter, who are hanging onto a nearby plane, dangling thousands of feet in the air. It’s unreal!

10 more days, dudes! 10 more freakin’ days. If you’re in the KC area, I’ll be at the AMC 30 midnight screening. Come hang out and give me your best Batman voice. But be quick, as I’ll already more than likely beat you to it. Or, if you want a classier experience, head on over to the new KC Mainstreet theater downtown and hang out with Ryan! He’ll even be officially introducing the film, unlike me, who will probably stand up, yell “BATMAN!” and then pass out. Your call!  (*Batman voice not guaranteed at KC Mainstreet.)

By Richard Pepper

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