Alamo Drafthouse & ZZANGARANG!!! bring VAN DAMMAGE to Kansas City!

The first thing I asked myself when the press release for VAN DAMMAGE hit my inbox was, “What the hell is ZZANG!! and BANGARANG!?” Being that few of us in KC may have had previous encounters with the Alamo Drafthouse in it’s homebase of Austin, Texas unless you’re an ex-Texas native (insert everything is bigger their tired joke here) or former resident these terms meant nothing to me. I’d imagine most visits to the Alamo Drafthouse were likely one time type events, or in my case exclusively for film festivals. So short of what news makes it out of Texas about their ultra cool screenings, until recently they kept all the fun events to themselves. No more, since Kansas City now has an Alamo Drafthouse to call its own we Kansas Citians get to join in the fun. Further to answer my question, ZZANG!! is a series celebrating cinema from the 80’s. BANGARANG! is a series celebrating cinema from the 90’s so it seems right that these two film series are teaming up to present VAN DAMMAGE.

What is VAN DAMMAGE? I think this trailer tells it better than any words can.

Holy hell, I just crushed my can of soda on my forehead and round house kicked my TV off it’s TV stand. To break that back down, once your testosterone calms down, that is three secret Jean- Claude Van Damme films capped off with a FREE screening of THE EXPENDABLES 2. Doesn’t get much better than that… Or perhaps it does as Lost in Reviews has two pairs of tickets to give away to the entire VAN DAMMAGE experience! It’s strongly recommended that If you’re a Van Damme or EXPENDABLES fan that wants to be one of the first to see THE EXPENDABLES 2 that you reserve your tickets for VAN DAMMAGE now by following this link to the Drafthouse website to guarantee your seat for the entire VAN DAMMAGE experience. In case you’re not aware the Alamo Drafthouse is quickly making a name for itself here in KC for those that have discovered its brand of badass cinema and they sold their last event out in a mere matter of minutes! So if you know you want to go to VAN DAMMAGE hedge your bet by purchasing your ticket 

Check the press release below for additional details.





Alamo Drafthouse’s ZZANG!!! series has teamed up with the BANGARANG! series to pay the ultimate tribute to all things awesome from the ’80s and ’90s.  Nothing seems better suited for our first ever ZZANGARANG!!! like a send-up to one of the greatest and most charismatic roundhousers to ever grace the silver screen.  With that we give you VAN DAMMAGE, a three movie marathon of our favorite VAN DAMME movies leading straight into a FREE ADVANCED SCREENING OF THE EXPENDABLES 2.  If that doesn’t get your blood pumping and push your testosterone levels to brick-smashing levels, nothing will.


What movies can you hope to see?  We can’t tell you.  IF we were to release the line-up of excitement we have planned for you, you’d instantly find yourself with tufts of hair all over your body and your goosebumps would ripple into the manliest muscles you’ve ever seen.  But, rest assured we will have menu specials, surprises galore, and some of the Muscliest from Brusseliest action films of VAN DAMME’S career gracing The Alamo Drafthouse’s silver screen.  Think you have what it takes to survive FOUR movies of nonstop white-knuckled mayhem?  This event is not for the weak at heart.  Pulses will pound, bones will be shattered, and roundhouses will be delivered in stylish slow-motion to ensure maximum VAN DAMMAGE!


Tickets are on sale now here:


Check out the event trailer here:

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