Dallas/Ft. Worth Gets Its Own Alamo Drafthouse

It has been a while since it was first announced that the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in Texas is getting its own Alamo Drafthouse.  It will be located in Richardson, Texas.  You may be asking yourself why is it taking so long for this theatre to open its doors?  The Alamo Drafthouse in Kansas City was announced after DFW’s and was opened shortly thereafter.  The reason they opened so quickly is because they took over an already existing really nice theatre that used to be the AMC Mainstreet.  Granted, their’s is still a work in progress.

The answer to the above question is that DFW’s Alamo Drafthouse is in the process of demolishing the space that it is moving into.  That means that everything will be brand spanking new when it opens.  Everything will be as it is supposed to be.  How refreshing.  Right now, there is a tentative open date of May 2013.  Just today, the demo is almost complete, and construction will begin in the next couple of weeks.

Although, one of the highlights of going to Austin for SXSW is getting to go to the Alamo Drafthouse, I am not usually going to drive the three hours to go there on a regular basis.  I am super excited to have those awesome salted caramel milkshakes closer to home.  For those of you who don’t like the Studio Movie Grill and don’t want to drive to the AMC Grapevine to have a dinner and a movie, this will be the best place for you.  I personally hate sitting in office chairs for a movie.

These details on the theatre were just posted yesterday on the Facebook Page and are worthy of sharing (and will get you acquainted with the theatre if you are not familiar with it):

“-7 auditoriums with the largest screen being 60′ wide & seating 255 people. We also have an auditorium that seats 45 people, perfect for private events.

-Separate Bar and Patio area with over 60 different beers, wine and craft cocktails. All made from scratch with only the freshest ingredients. You can come hang out even if not seeing a movie.

-100% digital w/3D capability and select screens with 35mm for classic film the way it was meant to be seen.

-2,000 sq. ft. kitchen with culinary trained chefs. Food made in house, from scratch, using the best ingredients.

-First run Hollywood movies with classics and limited release titles in the mix as well.

-Over the top events that will leave you begging for more. Last summer Alamo showed Road Warrior at Kyle Speedway with a demolition derby before hand!

-No advertisements. Only Alamo’s famous pre-show that is customized for the movie you are about to enjoy. For Bridesmaids fans enjoyed a montage of real wedding bloopers with brides falling into pools grooms passing out and much more.

-Stealth service w/Ninja like efficiency. You’re there to see the movie not our wait staff. When the film is on you write your order down on provided paper so there is no talking during the film.

-No unaccompanied minors but we love for the family to come together.

-No Talking and No Texting EVER!”

If that does not get you excited for the Alamo Drafthouse to open in DFW, I don’t know what will!

You can follow the progress of the DFW Alamo Drafthouse on Facebook or Twitter.

by Sarah Ksiazek

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