Triple Hex Announces New EP – by Brandon Bray

Triple Hex is set to release a new EP on January 1 of next year. The first single, ‘Winter’, is upon us sounding like a drunk Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Kicking in doors and burning down homes all in the name of rock and roll.  The EP track list is below, enjoy.

Download The First Triple Hex Single “Winter” Here!

Guitarist / crooner Dave Hex founded Triple Hex in the early oughts in Brooklyn, releasing the rockabilly tinged Phantom Highway 13 EP in 2006 on Thigh High Records.  The band followed up with extensive touring throughout Europe in 2007 before releasing a Stooges-esque three track 7” entitled Scratch My Back. The band went through a couple lineup changes before enlisting Miss Chip on 60s electric organ and Jill on drums to release their self titled full length LP on Lucinda Records in Spain and Thigh High in the US.  The band’s lineup has remained the same since 2008; however, their sound has progressed over the years to their current incarnation.

Triple Hex returns with a new E.P. that will resonate with fans of Bauhaus, 70s NYC rock n roll, and earlySun Records.  Dave Hex’s gloomy songwriting style juxtaposes with the carousing, carnal aesthetic a laSerge Gainsbourg or Marquis De Sade.   Triple Hex invokes the gestalt of nightlife in their album, creating a gritty, glamorous experience that leaves you feeling slightly used yet wanting more.

Triple Hex’s E.P. will be released January 01, 2013 at 12:01 A.M. on Mon Amie Records.  It was recorded and produced by Matt Verta-Ray (Heavy Trash, Madder Rose, Speedball Baby), at NYHed Studios.

Triple Hex ‘E.P.’ Tracklist

1. Winter
2. Viking Funeral
3. Love Song
4. Deranged
5. That Aint Enough
6. Kill

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