March Fourth with Spoonfed Tribe and Ugly Lion at Trees Dallas

Sunday, December 9th at Trees Dallas, I was lucky enough to catch March Fourth with Spoonfed Tribe and Ugly Lion.

Ugly Lion took the stage first. They are a local reggae band who has quite a loyal following.  There were quite a few people there to see them as they started off the evening with a 30 minute set featuring a great version of Danzig’s “Mother”.

spoonfedNext was Spoonfed Tribe. If you are from the DFW area, and you have not seen them, rectify this immediately!  They are a must see if you love percussion.  These five guys have been performing together for over 10 years, and I catch them about three or four times a year.  They are my favorite local act to see with their great beats and unique visuals.  This time they also had two guest musicians that added a saxophone, keyboard, and trumpet to the mix.  These guys are set to be at Lola’s in Fort Worth on Dec 21st if you want to catch them.

Then it was time for March Fourth to start.  I had never seen this band or listened to their music, but I had a little time to do some research and after watching a few short clips of other performances, I have to say I was extremely excited to see these guys and by no means did they disappoint.

As the light drew down we were introduced to the group by a parade of stilt walkers that entered the floor area in front of the stage. 67-IMG_1367The show started and did not stop for over an hour.  A 14 piece marching style band that included percussion, guitars, and a whole lot of horns, not to mention two burlesque dancers and two guys on stilts.  They rocked everything from straight percussion to New Orleans Jazz, and it felt like a concert, circus, and carnival ride all rolled into one. I can’t even truly describe this show, but there were hula hoops, dance alongs, a pole routine, and a whole lot of dancing on stage and from all the fans in audience.  This was the most fun I have had at a live show in a long time and will easily take the top spot of my list of best shows for the year! Look up their videos, listen to their music, try to catch a live show if you can!!

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Review and Photos by Reanna Streater

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