Big Gigantic at House of Blues Dallas

Saturday, March 2nd, the House of Blues Dallas hosted Big Gigantic to a sold out crowd.

Entering this show was a unique experience on its own, the lines were long and the security was tight.  The crowd had a very rave-like vibe to it, but the doormen were confiscating everything from glow sticks to candy out of every purse and pocket before you even made it to the front door.

Big GiganticBig Gigantic live is like being in a carnival, casino, and dance party all rolled into one.  This Colorado duo consists of Dominic Lalli who plays the saxophone and Jeremy Salken the drummer. These two incredibly talented musicians make their music by playing their instruments live on stage over all kinds of electronic beats.

When they walked out to start the hour plus set, the stage came to life.  This was no simple stage setup.  As soon as the music started, the entire stage lit up.  The front of the stage and two rows on the back wall were made up of multiple screens that played different lights and patterns throughout the entire show.  There were zig-zags, pac man, slots, stars, and hundreds of other sensory overloading designs that scrolled, flashed and pulsed through the entire set. Lalli played some amazing saxophone and spoke into the mic kind of acting as a DJ, interacting with the crowd to elicit cheers and chants.  Both musicians were almost hidden behind the front wall of screens.  The focus of the show was the music and the lights. They played lots of their original stuff as well as recognizable bits of songs from Jay-Z to a few saxophone riffs of the currently popular “Thrift Shop.”

BGThe majority of the crowd seemed to consist of a fairly young fan base that loyally jumped and danced to the vibrating beat that did not take even a seconds pause for over an hour.  By the end of the show, the fans were a sweaty, danced out ecstatic mess. If you are looking for slick beats to shake your ass to, then this is a show for you!

They finish up their winter tour with stops coming up in Colorado and Louisiana in the next week.  But I am sure if you keep an eye out, they will be making the festival circuit come summertime.

Photos and Review by Reanna Streater

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