Mondo Gallery: Game of Thrones


Well Mondo has just made my week! Here during SXSW, Mondo has opened their gallery with a new series of Game of Thrones prints in preparation for season three, which will start on HBO on March 31st. Game of Thrones has been popping up everywhere in Austin this week, from the Mondo Gallery, to pedicabs shaped like the throne to having the actual throne in the convention center for nerds like myself to prop their tushes onto the seat for a moment in glory. All of these things make my little nerd girl heart flutter, but it nearly stopped when I stepped into Mondo yesterday.

I’ve been a fan of Mondo for a few years now, but seeing the talent up close and personal is so much better. How about I just stop talking and let’s get to the prints! But first, a list of the very talented artists that contributed to this show:


Chet Zar
Jason Edmiston
Joao Ruas
Mia Araujo
N.C. Winters
Rich Kelly
Thomas Hooper
Tom Bagshaw
Jacob Bannon
Craig Drake
Audrey Kawasaki
Bruce White
Esao Andrews
Tim Bradstreet
Richey Beckett
Warwick Johnson Cadwell
Daniel Danger
Mike Mitchell
Killian Eng



Ambush_RickKelly BarathianBlackKnight_ThomasHooper BranStark_RichyBeckett GameOfThrones_Sanjulian Heart&Will_JacobBannon JaqenHghar_JoaoRuas JonSnow_Jock (original) JonSnow_Jock (ScreenPrint) LittleLion_NCWinters Map_Jock Margeary_AudreyKawasaki MotherOfDragons_JasonEdmiston NCS_3008 NCS_3009 PorcelainIvorySteel_MiaAraujo Samwell_EsaoAndrews TheHound_WarwickJohnsonCadwell ThePrize_KillianEng

by Angela Davis

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