Interview with Dallas Edgefest 23 Band, Youngblood Hawke


This Saturday, April 27th, Edgefest 23 is set to take place at FC Dallas Stadium in Frisco, TX.

One of the featured acts, Youngblood Hawke, was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions for me.  Sam Martin, the lead singer, wrote the responses.

Even though you have released an EP with only four songs, you have already done some serious touring.  Was this challenging? Did it provide a good opportunity to try out new material for the upcoming album?

Touring is amazing!  It’s the lifeline of any band.  We love getting out there and playing our music for people!  We love meeting new fans, exploring places we’ve never been, we always have a crazy experiences out on the road!  It was definitely a great opportunity to test new material.

How much of what is seen on your social media outlets is actually you guys? Who is the most likely one to post? Can you give some examples of some of your favorite fan posts?

We personally write everyone back! It’s always us!  The band shares that responsibility.  That connection with our fans is super important.  Any post from our fans is special to us!  We feel so fortunate to be in this position to even have fans!

I was able to catch you when you opened for Keene at the HOB in Dallas and noticed the appropriately “Texas” shirt bearing the words “Shotgun Willie” will this make an appearance again or do you have a collection of shirts for different states?

Haha absolutely!  That shirt is rad!

Youngblood-Hawke-Wake-Up-cover-640x422What band are you most excited to share the stage with at Edgefest?

I’m excited to watch Phoenix! I’ve never seen them live!

Were all the songs on the new album written collaboratively or do each of you have individual songs you contributed? Which one are you most proud of and excited to share with your fans?

Simon and Sam are the main songwriters for the band, but its a very collaborative effort, everyone in the band adds their flavor and touch.  The music wouldn’t be what it is if we all didn’t have a hand in it.  I’m excited to share “Say say” with people!  I think people will really connect with the message!

Alice, what is the most ridiculous story you have from traveling with so many boys?

You know what, the boys are really respectful and very protective!  They make it really comfortable for me.  They’re really great guys, I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

How has the overall experience of releasing “We Come Running” and its success been for you as such a newly formed group?

Surreal!  We never thought that people would connect with the song as much as they have!  We feel very fortunate!  We couldn’t be happier with how that songs been received!

What are your overall emotions and hopes as the release of your first album rapidly approaches?

We’re so excited!  We couldn’t be more proud.  We worked on this album for 2 years and we can’t wait for people to hear it!

Their new album Wake Up is out now so make it a point to pick it up and also catch their set at Edgefest!

Youngblood Hawke’s Official WebsiteFacebook Page, Twitter Account

Interview and Live Photo by Reanna Streater

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