Wakarusa Band Profile: The Effinays


So here I am, sitting in an unmarked, white van, parked in a back alley in Dallas on 4/20. A bunch of men are staring at me, just waiting to see what I am going to say.  Bad life decision? No, I am actually privileged enough to have been invited to interview The Effinays, a funk/reggae band from Dallas.

vNow I first wrote about these guys in January of this year, I told you to take notice and go see them.  Well, people are catching on now and man have things been happening! They were picked as Activist of the Year by High Times Magazine, they are about to embark on a four leg full American tour, they are almost done recording their first album, and then there is the whole reason I am sitting down with them, they were one of the winners of the Wakarusa Winter Classic. Fans picked them to win the competition which allows them to perform at this year’s Wakarusa Music Festival in Ozark, Arkansas.

The band consists of six members.  Jeremy “Pan Blanco” Piering, who is the bass player and original member from when the band was just instrumental.  Fortunately he met and was able to enlist the velvet voiced Joe “Big Spook” Martinez and the amazing drumming and keyboard talents of Valenti “Funk.”  Jason “Shaggy” Kerr provides beautiful guitar riffs and backup vocals, and then you have the smooth notes of the two Saxaphone players, Julian “King” Ayacannoo and Marquise “Kool-Aid” Jones. This is the magic lineup folks, and now you have a group that is so much more than just a “local band.”

jI have been fortunate enough to catch several more of their shows since I saw them in January and they are just getting better and better each time.  Their chemistry is stronger and brighter, and it shows on stage.  They have an amazing energy that is infectious and gets every crowd they are in front of with songs like “Gypsy,” “Poison,” “Donut Shop,” and “Michael” (as in Jackson). These guys are genuine musicians and all around great people that just want to have fun and share their music with everyone.

Their fan base can only increase as their tour starts June 13th in Phoenix, Arizona and their first full album is releasing this summer. If you go and like their Facebook page they will send you a digital download of their EP.  This way you will be prepared to sing along with them at the top of your lungs as they perform at Waka on Friday, May 31st from 11:00pm-12:30am on George’s Majestic Backwoods Stage.  This is a full hour and a half to have your Effin’ face rocked off!

The Effinays: Facebook Page, Official Website, and Twitter Account

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Article and Photos By Reanna Streater

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