Star Trek Into Darkness Prize-Pack Giveaway! *CLOSED*

Star Trek Character Poster 3JJ Abrams may have just been announced as the director of Star Wars Episode VII, but before that, the director had entered into that franchise’s biggest enemy, the Star Trek universe. After releasing an incredible reboot, simply titled Star Trek in 2009, Abrams is back with that film’s long awaited sequel which, as the title implies, brings the characters and story into newer and darker territories. I, for one, have always appreciated how JJ Abrams was able to bridge the gap between the two Sci-Fi properties and am crazy excited about this film.

If you’re just as excited as I am, then I’ve got an opportunity for you to show your excitement even more! I have an exclusive Star Trek Into Darkness Prize-Pack to giveaway to one lucky person! The prize pack includes a Star Trek Hat, Shirt, Bluetooth Speaker, and a cool ass Knuckle Tattoo sheet. Cause you know you want your knuckles to read BEAM MEUP!

All you have to do to enter is create an image that somehow mashes up Star Trek and anything Kansas City related. Like, for example, a shot of Spock goin’ HAM on a plate of Burnt Ends On Bun With A BB from Gates. But I’ll also accept submissions that mash-up Star Trek and Grumpy cat, because Grumpy Cat. The best submission wins the Prize-Pack and we’ll post your submission on our Facebook/Twitter pages!

Here’s how to submit:

  • Create your image
  • Upload to Imgur or TinyPic
  • Post the link to your image in the Message Form below and hit Submit!

Good luck, and May The Force Be With You Live Long And Prosper!


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