Kodaline at the Live Oak Theater in Fort Worth

kodalineTuesday, April 30th The Live Oak Theater in Fort Worth, TX hosted Kodaline.

As the curtains opened at this lovely theater and the shamefully small crowd present at this event, the guys acknowledged the empty room with good spirits and the promise to still play their heart out and let me tell you, they absolutely did.

I had never heard of this band and was not familiar with their music so I looked up the newest video and really enjoyed it, but went to the show with an open mind. I have to say, they completely won me over.

Stephen Garrigan provided vocals, guitar, harmonica, and keys. Mark Prendergast was on guitar, Vinnie May was on drums, and Jason Boland was on bass. This quartet that hails from Dublin, Ireland has been touring the states with the Airborne Toxic Event. These guys have amazing harmony and they treated the crowd to it song after song. Their instrumentation was beautiful and they had such a great energy.  The crowd, which was under 30 people, started out huddled in the back with a giant empty space, but within four songs, they were all up front, dancing and just enthralled.

KODALINE_In-A-Perfect-World-Packshot-1000These guys filled a full hour of music including songs like “All I Want,” “High Hopes,” and “Love Like This.”  There was even a lovely a capella version of a classic Sam Cooke song that brought them out into the audience as they asked for “clicks.”  There was friendly banter with the audience and sincere complements to Texas and its friendliness and beer, along with a few complaints of the heat (guys it was only in the 80s!). When they finished their last song and left the stage, the crowd went crazy and started chanting for more.  The owner of the theater ran on stage and chatted with them and convinced them to come back out on stage.  They stood there for a second with their instruments looking a little shy and finally admitted they didn’t really have any more songs to play.  The audience shouted and encouraged until they managed to come up with two more songs that they said they didn’t really perform, and they were just as good as all the rest!

They continue their tour with the Airborne Toxic Event and you can get their new album In a Perfect World now.

by Reanna Streater

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