Lost In Previews: Arrested Development Season 4

388580_241134189366427_814292251_nCan you actually believe that this is is real? That we’re only days away from the fourth season of Arrested Development? After years and countless “are they or aren’t they” rumors about a feature length film, we’ve FINALLY got new footage of one of the greatest comedy shows ever made, and it feels AMAZING. This brief trailer features the long awaited return of the Bluths and a new glorious bedazzled hook on Buster’s stump. It’s the perfect preview that leaves you hanging, wanting so much more.

So cue this up, grab a juice box, watch it on repeat, and then call in sick on May 26th, when all fourteen episodes are released all at once on Netflix! This is it, folks! We’re nearing THE FINALY COUNTDOWN! ::insert misfired stream of lighter fluid::

As previously mentioned, Arrested Development Season 4 is released via Netflix on May 26th!

To be notified when the season is live on the 26th, you can text “ANN” to 619-EGG-VEAL (619-344-8325). You’ll get two responses. An astute fan of the show can probably guess what one of the replies is!

By Richard Pepper

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