Trek Week: The Characters of Star Trek Into Darkness, Part. 1

This week we’ll be celebrating the release of JJ Abrams’ new Star Trek film, Star Trek Into Darkness. Today we’ll start by taking a look at the Characters of the film. Abrams’ last installment in the Trek franchise made some strange casting decisions (Um, Tyler Perry, anyone?) but it also made some truly fantastic decisions as well. The whole crew of the USS Enterprise return in Into Darkness, as well as adding one important key role: a top secret character played by none other than Benedict Cumberbatch.


Star Trek Character Poster 1Chris Pine as James T. Kirk

Crafting a newer version of the classic character, rather than channeling William Shatner, Chris Pine created a badass/yet hilarious Kirk who’d father died saving the USS Kelvin during a Romulan attack led by villain Nero (Eric Bana). During the events of Star Trek, Kirk manages to avenge his father’s death while saving the crew of the Enterprise, becoming it’s captain, as well as gaining a friend in…

Zachary Quinto as SpockStar Trek Character Poster 3

Famously portrayed by Leonard Nemo, Zachary Quinto brought the character of Spock into his own. After watching his home planet of Vulcan destroyed by Nero, Spock creates a friendship with Kirk in order to take down Nero and his Romulan war vessel. The coolest part is having Leonard Nemo portray the elder version of Spock, sharing the screen with Quinto. This is all made possible by Star Trek‘s plot line in which the events of the JJ Abrams series happen in an alternate timeline created by a black hole, that was accidentally created by Elder Spock upon trying to save the Romulan home planet from destruction.

Star Trek Character Poster 2Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison

The biggest and best new addition to the cast. Cumberbatch is truly a power-house of an actor and it’ll be extremely exciting to see him (hopefully) tear the walls down in this film. There are tons of rumors swirling around about who Cumberbatch is REALLY playing, and any astute Trekkie can probably immediately figure it out. But for now, let’s just say that John Harrison is going to be extremely menacing and extremely awesome!

Zoe Saldana as UhuraStar Trek Character Poster 4 

The USS Enterprise’s Communications Officer, Uhura speaks billions of languages. In the alternate Star Trek timeline, she is Spock’s girlfriend and was originally assigned to the USS Farragut, until she gave Spock the ol’ “aint gettin’ no booty unless you assign me to the Enterprise” routine. Had she not done that, she likely would have died, as the Farragut was destroyed during a surprise attack by Nero.

Come back tomorrow for a look at the rest of the supporting cast!

By Richard Pepper

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