Trek Week: The Characters of Star Trek Into Darkness, Part. 2

Keeping up with Trek Week, today we’ll continue our look at the cast of character in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness. Yesterday we took a look at the main characters, so today we’ll reintroduce you to the supporting cast, including another new character!

o-STAR-TREK-INTO-DARKNESS-BONES-570Karl Urban as Leonard “Bones” McCoy

Although afraid of flying, Bones chose a career in space as his ex-wife took everything in the divorce, leaving him with “just his bones”. He is the Enterprise’s main Medical Expert. Bones was the first person that Kirk befriended in upon joining Star Fleet, and the two share a great comical bond. One can only hope there is more of the same between the two characters in Star Trek Into Darkness that recalls the scene from Star Trek where Bones continuously pumps Kirk full of different antidotes, leading to all kinds of side effects.

Alice Eve as Carol Marcusstar-trek-into-darkness-poster-alice-eve1

Carol Marcus is a Molecular Biologists famous for inventing the Genesis Device, which allows for planets to be created via rapid Terra Forming that can create life sustaining environments. She is also the mother of James Kirk’s son. Of course, this is all from the original Star Trek timeline, so things could very well be different in the newer alternate timeline featured in JJ Abrams’ flicks.

three-new-character-posters-for-star-trek-into-darkness-133322-a-1366965292-470-75Simon Pegg as Scotty

Simon Pegg from Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz takes over the famous position of Scotty, the ships Chief Engineer. Pegg has yet to not nail it out of the park in every performance, and he is certainly one of the best characters in the new Star Trek franchise. Although, lightly used in 2009’s Star Trek, we’ve been promised for a more action filled Scotty in Into Darkness. Kind of like how Simon Pegg’s character got a major bump up in Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. Simon Pegg is just THAT good.

John Cho as Suluchu

As famously portrayed by George Takei, as Leonard Nemo is to Spock, John Cho from Harold & Kumar fame perfectly executes the alternate Sulu. He is the ship’s Helmsman, as well as resident Fencing expert.

three-new-character-posters-for-star-trek-into-darkness-133322-a-1366965273-470-75Anton Yelchin as Pavel Chekov

Yelchin awesomely plays the Enterprise’s Navigator, who is blessed with a severely thick Russian accent. The character also has a knack for beaming people aboard the ship during extremely tough situations, such as successfully locking onto Sulu and Kirk during a free-fall from space over Vulcan territories seconds before hitting the ground.

By Richard Pepper

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