Trek Week: Top 3 things to look forward to in Star Trek Into Darkness

This week we’re celebrating the release of JJ Abrams’ new Star Trek flick, and the past few days we took a look at the cast of Star Trek Into Darkness, so I hope everyone’s familiar with them? Yes? Good! If not, you’re probably a red shirt. Today we’ll take a look at the top 3 things to be excited about in Into Darkness. There’s quite a bit actually, but we’ll just stick with the main money makers!

BJz9Ho6CAAAZeBI.jpg-large3. Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright, who has previously directed Shaun of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, was on set for one day and managed to shoot one scene of the film. Assuming that it’ll be a scene involving Scotty, played by Edgar Wright’s right hand man: Simon Pegg, so who knows what type of scene it will be. Wright has proved that the dude certainly knows how to film great action pieces, so it’ll be great to find out it turned out to be a scene where Scotty is engaged in some form of fight. I can easily see the shot ending up as some quick cut-fast zoom in shot of somebody putting gloves on, though. Either way, Edgar Wright directed a scene from Into Darkness and that’s good enough for me.

a_610x4082. Benedict Cumberbatch and Klingons

In the character profiles we briefly mentioned Cumberbatch’s top secret role of John Harrison. There are rampant rumors, however, that John Harrison is just a front for a certain famous genetically engineered human. If this is true, it can only mean one thing, Cumberbatch has potential to do with one of Star Trek Franchise’s biggest villains, what Heath Ledger did to The Joker. He’s a marvel of an actor and judging from the few glimpses we get of him in the trailers, he’s going to be just an absolute menace. Also we’ve gotten a very tiny glimpse at some Klingons in a recent trailer, which will put all the worries to rest of everyone clamoring for the popular alien species in JJ Abrams’ last Star Trek installment. There finally here!

dark-night-michael-pappas-pappasarts-imax-frame-comparison-imax-frame-comparison1. IMAX 

Christopher Nolan truly started a revolution when he shot 20 minutes of The Dark Knight with 70mm IMAX Cameras, giving the film an added depth that was at the time never experienced in Hollywood. Up until that point, IMAX cameras were only used to film Documentaries that would play at Zoos and Museums. The film negative, being so huge, captures a remarkably beautiful image that is even better than 1080p High Definition, and when projected on a screen 6 stories tall, immediately puts you into the film more than any 3D technology can. Hollywood caught on to this format quickly, having films such as Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol using the cameras to capture specific sequences. Now JJ Abrams has reportedly shot roughly 30 minutes of footage in IMAX for Into The Darkness, that can surely mean only two things: lots of ultra high def lens flair, and some of the most beautiful space sequences we’ll see all year! I haven’t even seen it yet, and already I can say that Star Trek Into Darkness absolutely must be seen on IMAX screens.

By Richard Pepper

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