Lady Lamb the Beekeeper at Three Links Dallas

rerTuesday, June 11th, Three Links in Deep Ellum, Dallas hosted Lady Lamb the Beekeeper as she launched her tour with Torres.

Three Links is a establishment in the neighboorhood of Deep Ellum that is really starting to host some seriously good music. With a pretty full house, Aly Spaltro and her guitar, Lady Lamb and the Beekeeper took the stage. The first song had no instrumentation and was performed in the dark.  Her smokey, full voice was very intriguing and she belted out the song to a quiet and expectant crowd. Dressed in a simple tank and jean shorts with her State of Maine tattoo proudly displayed on her arm, Lady Lamb sang for about 45 minutes.

She interacted with the audience a little taking time to talk about how special this particular show was not just because it was her first time in Dallas, but because her father, step-mom, and little sister were there. I know I was not the only one curious about who the tiny, and absolutely adorable munchkin princess with the light up shoes jamming her heart out in the front row was. Proud Dad had the camcorder going for the entire performance.

LadyLamb_11298_LPjacketgateBefore this show, I was completely unfamiliar with this artist, the show was a pleasant surprise of interesting lyrics and subtle but commanding stage presence.  The crowd was a mix of people that I overheard asking “who is this girl?” along with several fans in the front that danced and knew the words to every song.

Songs like “Milk Duds,” “Bird Balloons,” and “Rooftop” were sang with her whole heart.  It was just her and the guitar, but the music was still solid and really held the audience’s complete attention. If you like artists in the realm of Sharon van Etten or Fiest, give Lady Lamb the Beekeeper’s new album Ripley Pine a try.

She is currently on a co-headlining tour with Torres around the country.  Traveling with her guitar, cds, and t-shirts featuring a drawing she herself did. Some upcoming stops on the tour include San Francisco and Seattle.

by Reanna Streater

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