Movie Review: White House Down

white-house-downWhile on a tour of the White House with his young daughter, a Capitol policeman springs into action to save his child and protect the president from a heavily armed group of paramilitary invaders. That’s how IMDB describes the film. Here’s I would describe it: A bad ass action flick packed with fights and shit blowing up and starring Channing Tatum in a role where you don’t wish for him to die every scene. Also, Jamie Foxx is pretty cool as the president.

This film is not aiming for me in their market. This film is aiming to bring in macho men who lift weights and curse a lot. It’s sub market is the ladies that wish to have Tatum’s baby. I am neither, but I still LOVED this film! This film is on par with Independence Day with Will Smith. It’s got a decent story, good cast, lots of action and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. This film knows what it is and that’s why it works.

whiteToo much action and not enough playtime makes for a dull movie. This film had plenty of breaks with comedy and Tatum’s daughter in the film was a bright young girl that gave the film a lighthearted feeling at times. What else is there to say about this film? Go see it, you will like at least one of these things: Tatum’s abs, the extreme explosions, the crazy bass under this film, Foxx as a cool president, a young girl who is too brave for her little self, or maybe just the aerial views of Washington D.C. throughout.

I have failed to mention one thing, Roland Emmerich. This man knows the action-packed way to my heart. From 2012 to The Day After Tomorrow, I have been hooked on this guy’s resume. Everything he makes is pretty ridiculous, but that’s why it works. Sitting through a Transformers film is not how I like to spend my summers, but watching the Earth destroy itself from humans or humans protecting the Earth from aliens is much more my speed. So of course it made sense for me to like a film about a regular schmo saving the president AND his daughter from some baddies all while looking good doing it. Go enjoy your summer.

by Angela Davis

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