Week in the News July 7th – July 13th 2013

Week in News

Did anyone see Sharknado coming? Because I sure didn’t and yet there I was this past Thursday watching and tweeting along with what seemed like everybody I follow and everyone they followed.  The movie was predictability horrible, the acting was less than subpar, and yet it was the funnest 2 hours of television I have experienced in a long time.  As it turns out I wasn’t the only one who felt that way because people are still talking about that movie and how Social Media had an impact on the movie’s success.  Sharknado, the little movie that could.

Countdown to 2013 San Diego Comic Con is on and according to The Hollywood Reporter there will be parties for every film from The To Do List to The World’s End.  There will even be a Game of Thrones beer tasting party.  I am currently engaged in some serious envy type hate right now.

An X-Force movie? Could it be possible?  Surely there are enough superhero movies coming down the pipeline that another one isn’t possibly needed.  At least not for another 10 years or so.  Let a fan catch their breath.  But alas that doesn’t seem to be happening because word on the street is that Fox just may be planning on a new movie because apparently Fox has repeated history by registering the domain X-ForceMovie.com.

Who would have guessed that a couple hundred yellow pill shaped minions would kick the ever-living daylights out of Johnny Depp and The Lone Ranger?  The Jerry Bruckheimer produced film managed to bring in a measly$48.9M over the July 4th holiday and it doesn’t appear to be picking up any steam.  In fact I would harbor a guess to say it has all but run out of steam.  For a truly perfect picture describing Despicable Me 2’s resounding win check out David Horsey’s photo over at the Los Angeles Times.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Frankenstein? If Guillermo del Toro has his way than it will be so, but first Cumberbatch has a few other things on his plate such as the 2 remaining films in The Hobbit series, Crimson Peak, and another season of Sherlock.  That Cumberbatch is one busy guy.

Winner of the Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award for US dramatic film, Fruitvale Station starring Michael B. Jordan as Oscar Grant the young man who was killed by a police officer in 2009 opened on July 12th, 2013 to mostly positive reviews and it is expected to receive a wider release across the country. For those of you who are waiting for it to be released in your area here is a trailer to tide you over:

by Mendie Murray

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