Arcade Fire return with “Reflektor” song/video premiere!

Reflektor-608x606Three years ago, Arcade Fire released the best album of the decade, called The Suburbs, a sprawling (pun intended) magnum opus that perfectly captured the sounds of teenage boredom, angst, and wonderment. Not only did it bring the band new found and much deserved fame, but brought forth one of the best internet memes of recent history via their unexpected and shockingly awesome Grammy Win.

Now the band is back with their brand new album simply titled Reflektor, produced by LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy. Just the idea of Arcade Fire and James Murphy working together is already mind-blowing enough, but here we are getting treated to this incredible new single, that features an honest to god guest spot by DAVID FUCKING BOWIE. The track itself is seven and a half minutes of funked out disco and is so impossibly good that I’m almost scared to hear the rest of the album.

Check out the new track below, crank your speakers, and bust a move.

Reflektor, the single is released digitally tonight (9/9) at 9pm and available as a very limited 12″ exclusive to indie record stores across the country (and a little bird tells me that KC’s very own Mills Records might just have a shipment coming in).

Reflektor, the album is released October 29.

By Richard Pepper

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