Preview: Clearfork Music Festival in Fort Worth, Texas

Clearfork Set ListSaturday, Sept 21st, Fort Worth, Texas at the Ranch at Clearfork, Clearfork Music Festival is set to have its inaugural year.

This fis presented by Keep Texas Live and features an amazing lineup of up and coming bands including many local favorites.  There are at least 5 bands that were winners of Fort Worth Weekly Awards this year: Werewolves “Best New Artist”, Animal Spirit “Best Female Vocalist”, The Hanna Barbarians “Best Rock Band” and “The EP of the Year”, Whiskey Folk “Best American Rock” and “Best Semi-Local Band,” and Lindby won the pop category.  Some other DFW bands are playing that I have had the pleasure of seeing and would recommend catching: Spoonfed Tribe, simply because they put on one of the most eclectic and energetic shows around, and Big City Folk which is a phenomenal bluegrass group that is picking up more and more attention around town.  Add in amazing touring bands like He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister that has a great stage show with great musicality and a tap dancing Clearfork Mapdrummer and there is something for ALL to enjoy!  There are three different stages with the first artists starting at 1pm and finishing at midnight.

So I just listed a good amount of musical reasons to get up and go, but on top of that there is oh so much more to this festival.  It is family friendly with kids under 12 getting in for free and there will be a bounce house and face painting.  Local food like Salsa Limon and a giant area with all kinds of delightful art!

General Admission Tickets are only $17 and if you want to get in even cheaper, be earth friendly, and enjoy the scenic Trinity Trail you can get a bike share ticket for only $15.

by Reanna Streater

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