Music Interview: Q & A With He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister

coverThis Saturday at the Clearfork Music Festival in Fort Worth, TX, He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister will play at 8pm on the Goose Island Stage.  This band is going to be one to see! I was lucky enough to be able to send the band some questions ahead of the event, as they are are tour around the country.  Ryan Richter, their fabulous lap steel guitar player was kind enough to provide the following answers:

You guys have several shows scheduled in Texas on this tour, how has the Lone Star treated you?

We LOVE Texas. We really can’t emphasize that enough. Between the great response we’ve always gotten from crowds there, the landscape, the food, and all our worship of Friday Night Lights, Texas is quite a place for us.

How did you guys actually get together as a band?

Well, the band’s formation was an organic process, aided by the fact that Rob and Rachel are siblings, and have been around each other their whole lives, particularly throughout their respective development in music and art. Rob had been busy making music in his band Lemon Sun, and Rachel had been focusing on theater, and then one day, they just started bouncing ideas off each other, and everything seemed to land nicely. Once they started taking it seriously, they could tell it was a project that had seriously potential. The band’s gone through several configurations since it being founded, and though I’m the newest member, I can say that we’re sounding tight, and that were having a blast.

What is your songwriting process? Band effort or individuals contributing on various levels?

The songs are mostly written by Rob, but we work them as a band. Recently Rachel’s been writing some really great material. Audiences have been reacting really well to one of those new songs, which is called, “Live In A Dream”.

MJS_HE_S_MY_BROTHER_SHE_S_MY_SISTER_01_SCHULZ_BROT_31628151What is your favorite song on the current album? Why? Is there a particular song that is more special to perform for you guys?

For me, personally, it’s a tie between “Let’s Go” and “Same Old Ground”. Both get a serious rise out of our fans, and as a guitar player, I get to have a lot of fun in both. I think Rob wrote a really great song in “Same Old Ground.”

Any interesting stories from the road that has defined this tour in the states?

Well, there are many… One of the stand outs for me was driving through, actually driving through two tornados in Shamrock, TX. I’d never been in one before, and, to say the very least, it was surreal and terrifying. We dodged the first one, got off the road to have a bit in Oklahoma City, and then, just after we left, it touched ground there. It was the first of the two really bad tornados they had this year. I think we all agree that we’ll take our chances with the earthquakes of CA.

Any upcoming shows that you are particularly excited about? Or artists you might perform with at events?

We have so many great shows on the books. We’re excited to check out Utopia Fest, and we’re thrilled that our schedule worked out so that we’ll be playing in Austin on Halloween. And then, the next day, November 1st is my birthday and we’ll be playing at Fitzgerald’s. I can’t think of a better way to spend it. We’re lucky… we’re having too much fun out here. We’re excited for all of it!

The Clearfork Music Fest takes place Saturday, September 21st at the Ranch at Clearfork.  Music starts at 1pm. All ages welcome.

Source: Lost in Reviews

Article by Reanna Streater

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