Twin Peaks at Three Links in Dallas, Texas

Twin PeaksWednesday, September 18th at Three Links in Deep Ellum Dallas, I was able to catch Twin Peaks opening for Bleeding Rainbows.

These four guys out of Chicago are really getting some great attention from the music world with performances at Riot Fest, mentions in NME, and scoring some great shows with the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Born Ruffians. I was not very familiar with their music before the show, only getting to do a quick listen on Spotify, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. When these four very baby faced guys took the stage, I was a little suspicious, but after their unbelievably enthusiastic set, I was converted.  These guys play with absolute abandon and it is quite contagious.  The drummer played his heart out and wore and expression of glee the entire time.  Front man Cadien Lake James was all over the place playing guitar so hard, he broke a string and had to get a loner in the first couple of songs.  The other two guitarists were quite a contrast to each other. One jumped around the entire show and seemed to be nowhere else but in the music, in fact he even busted his shoe while bouncing around.  The other vocalist was the only true solemn one. With a mass of unmissable curly hair, he stayed quiet and focused on his instrument only moving up to the mic to provide vocals and then stepping quietly back to the guitar.

TwinPeaks_byDavidLibman-webThere wasn’t a large crowd for this performance, but these guys played it just like it was a sold out stadium.  After doing some more research on them and to find out they are all only 19 and basically self starters, I can only imagine that they have a lot more music to come and it will only get better.

Check out their release “Sunken” available  now or catch them out on tour September 25th in Atlanta and the 26th in Nashville.

Article By Reanna Streater

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