Savages at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie, Texas

SvgsSaturday, October 6th Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie, Texas, Savages opened for Queens of the Stone Age and were welcomed by a packed and enthusiastic house.

This female post-punk revival band is based out of London and was formed in 2011. They have been well received in the music world and are currently opening a few dates with Queens of the Stone Age, which is a stellar gig.  They have been nominated for the prestigious Mercury Award this year and have already played at Coachella and will be playing at this year’s Austin City Limits Festival.  Their raw guitars and constant beats are what make them so hard to ignore, especially live.

Lead singer Jehnny Beth is actually French, and speaks to the crowd in her beautiful accent. Gemma Thompson, Ayse Hassan, and Fay Milton make up the rest of the group.  Their music is smart and sharp and I love the gritty, fuzzy guitar work. Beth’s vocals are strong and still contain a hint of that beautiful accent. Their first full album that was just released this May includes great songs like “Shut Up,” savages-Richard-Dumas_500“Husbands,” and “I am Here” were well received by this amped up crowd.  These ladies did an amazing job warming up the crowd for Queens.  The energy of their music and performance is completely sincere and contagious.  The crowd was jumping as an entity by the end of their set and was yelling for more.

Their first full album Silence Yourself is available everywhere now so make sure to check it out.  Also, they are doing some pretty extensive touring with upcoming October dates including both weekends of Austin City Limits festival, Boston and New York, and then they are off to France!


Article by Reanna Streater

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