Walk the Moon at House of Blues Dallas

28-28-IMG_3932Wednesday, October 9th,  House of Blues hosted Walk the Moon, my current favorite live act, to an insanely dedicated crowd of fans.

This was the second time they have come to Dallas as a headlining act, but the last time was at Trees, which is a smaller venue, and I am pretty sure a few fire codes were broken to accommodate the crowd.  I saw that show and had never heard of them or listened to any of their music and by the time I left that show I was a fan for life. I will be honest and say this is a biased review.  I love this band.  I love their music, their energy, and their live performance.  This show was just another great experience with them.

The stage was setup with a backdrop to resemble the cover of their current album, Walk the Moon. When the show started, the sounds of the Lion King filled the air. Eli Mainman was on stage right where he provided guitars and vocals and Kevin Ray on stage left where he played bass, percussion, and vocals. Center stage was lead vocalist Nicholas Pertricca who had his keyboard, synthesizer, and his bass drum and of course drummer Sean Waugaman resided on his throne decorated with various stuffed animals that the band collects from their fans. The guys were all wearing face paint that has become the tradition with them and all their loyal fans.

22-22-IMG_3910These guys come from Cincinnati, Ohio and have been on tour for quite some time at this point.  They are winding down and getting ready to go into the studio to record a new album in November.  They previewed a few new songs for the audience that were just a well received as their favorites.

They opened with two of my absolute favorites “Quesadilla” and “Lisa Baby.”  I was so excited and singing at the top of my lungs with all the rest of the jumping, dancing crowd. The hour and half set consisted of all non-stop great music including songs like “Tightrope” and “Jenny.”  Even their slowest tune, “Iscariot,” was sung with such gusto that it still had amazing energy, flowing back and forth between the crowd and the band.  The song “Shiver Shiver” had snow being blown out over the crowd.  The guys ran every inch of the stage and smiled through every minute of singing, dancing, and talking to the crowd about how amazing they were. Pertricca led the fans in an exercise of releasing all the bad energy you have out and using it to lead into a fabulous performance of “I Can Lift a Car.”

There was nothing about this show I did not like.  I watched part of it from up front and part of it from the balcony above.  Everywhere I looked every single person was loving every minute of it.  There was a small boy up in the balcony that ran up to the railing and was dancing his heart out to some of the songs.  Iit was adorable and a great example of how talented and contagious these guys and their energy is.

They continue their tour through the month of October with stops along the West Coast and into the Midwest before they break to record.  I cannot say enough to recommend how much you need to make an effort to see them.

Review and Photos by Reanna Streater

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