Caught a Ghost at Club Dada in Dallas, Texas

Caught-a-Ghost-Nightworks-EPWednesday, October 30th, Club Dada in Deep Ellum Dallas hosted Caught a Ghost.

This LA-based band is the brainchild of Jesse Nolan who writes, produces, and provides lead vocals. He took to the stage wearing a sharp suit and skinny tie with his hair slicked back and ready to go as he attacked the drum and sang confidently throughout the set. Paired with the sultry, smokey, and beautiful Tessa Thompson who can recite the phone book and it would be an event, this was a great funky energetic show.  Researching the band, I found out the number of people can fluctuate at each show.  This one had Stephen Edelstein on drums, as well as a tenor sax player, and a guy on keyboards.  Nolan also played the guitar while Tessa provide some percussion as well.

This band’s unusual name comes from an old musical term that if you caught a ghost, you were filled with the spirit, and gave a great performance.  It is a very fitting name. This whole group of musicians were moving around the stage, singing along, and encouraging the audience to participate.  It was a shame the audience was so small.  This was a great lineup with this band and headliner He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister.  I don’t know if word just didn’t get out, but it was a great combo.  They encouraged the audience to gather closer and move towards that stage and drew them in with talent and personality as well as sing along moments.

Currently they are on a Fall tour in support of HMBSMS and Shawn Lee and their song “No Sugar in My Coffee” is featured in the national trailer for the hit HBO show Boardwalk Empire.  You can pick up their EP Nightworks now and their first full length album will be released early next year.

These guys will be in Florida for the 4th-6th. Check their Facebook page for all the details!

by Reanna Streater

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