Gary Clark Jr at House of Blues Dallas

06-IMG_3939Wednesday, November 27th House of Blues Dallas hosted a sold out crowd to see Gary Clark Jr.

Clark is a skyrocketing star in the world of Blues and an Austin, Texas native.  I have heard that he is someone to see live for several years now, but had never been able to work it out.  I was thrilled when the opportunity finally arrived. I had been listening to his album Blak and Blu in preparation and watched a few live clips online, but none of those did what I actually saw justice.

The lights dim, everyone is clapping, whistling and yelling because the show is starting.  The stage has nothing on it but a mic center stage and a single drum kit towards the back.  The drummer, the bass player, and another guitarist step quietly into the background and then the tallest, thinnest silhouette of them all heads to the center mic and the guitar starts. This guy has the most unassuming stage presence.  He was wearing a shirt, scarf, and beanie all in the same color. His energy is completely mellow.  There is no showy moves, barely any moving around, and only the occasional IMG_3962smile.  This however does not lead to disconnect from the audience.  It just adds to the magic of the show this immensely talented musician provides. He plays the guitar and sings largely with his eyes closed and to me it just showed his complete connection to his music and that he is doing what he loves.

He played through favorites like “Numb,” “When My Train Pulls In,” and of course that spectacular “Bright Lights.” This guy has only truly released one album, but has played numerous festivals and accompanied some of the worlds best musicians.  He is only going to continue his momentum with that great talent, so catch him as soon as you can.  It was just, simply put, a lovely show, no matter what your musical tastes are.

Starting in December, he will be opening for Kings of Leon on their North American tour.

Review and Photos by Reanna Streater

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