Neon Trees at House of Blues Dallas

IMG_0639On Sunday, June 1st,  Neon Trees brought their Pop Psychology tour to the House of Blues Dallas.

Fresh off the release of their newest album, Pop Psychology, Neon Trees started the night with a teasing build of their opening song behind a white curtain. As the curtain fell lead singer Tyler Glenn held nothing back. True to his fashion form, he was standing on a lit platform wearing a bright blue suit, yellow shirt, heart framed sunglasses, and metallic gold boots.  As he strutted down the stairs carrying his turquoise and pink polk dot mic stand like a joust, I knew this was going to be a show with energy that never stops.  Once he reached the stage, he was free to begin one of the most lively, energetic, dance filled performances I have ever witnessed.

I was lucky enough to be up front for the first three songs to take pictures and he had probably burned more calories by the time I joined the rest of the audience than I do in a week of workouts.  I actually saw Neon Trees a couple of years ago at an all day festival where they were one of the lesser known acts earlier in the day and only played about 30 minutes.  Now as they have done some growing and changing, it is quite evident that Glenn is made for performing.

They have a very light danceable sound, but if you listen to some of their lyrics, especially on this newest album, there is some darker serious topics underneath what first appears as sunshine.  Glenn has been in the news quite a bit lately as he has recently come out publicly. And while he of course deserves all the love and respect for being happy and comfortable in his life, I hope the conversation starts to focus less on his personal life and more on his talent and potential.

IMG_0788The show was flashy and bright with lots of LED screens and bright colors.  All of the musicians were dressed in bright flashy outfits.  The songs were fun and the entire experience was enjoyable. I like watching all the people in the audience jumping up and down and singing along. The entire energy in the room was great.  They played hits from all three of their albums from “Sleeping With a Friend” to “Everybody Talks.”  But this show was all about Glenn and his amazing stage presence, vocals, lyrics, and of course the dancing.

Neon Trees consists of lead singer Tyler Glenn, guitarist Chris Allen, bassist Branden Campbell, and drummer Elaine Bradley. They are currently on tour with opening act Smallpools and you can pick up their new album Pop Psychology now.

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Review and Photos by Reanna Streater

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