Broncho at City Tavern Dallas

bronchoTuesday, January 20th Downtown Dallas. The City Tavern was hopping, and I don’t mean that as a figure of speech. There were so many people packed dancing to Oklahoma band Broncho that the wall and floors were bouncing.

I had never heard their music and only did a quick listen before I went to the show. I got there just before they started so I was able to secure a spot fairly close to the stage. Their Facebook Page lists Ryan Lindsey, Nathan Price, Ben King as members and they were all there along with a female bassist and guitarist. When the band kicked off their set, it was all chaos and fun after that. They played song after song without pause except for the occasional joke from lead singer Lindsey about a “room for a party of two up front”.  The completely jammed in crowd got exactly what they wanted. I throughly enjoyed watching people jump and dance and sing along to the fuzzy guitar, heavy bass, and rapid beat. The lyrics are fast paced and sometimes hard to decipher, but then some of them are simply little nonsensical catchy words that only added to the overall energy of the show. This band is just plain fun to see.

They are increasing their popularity and have great success with their song “Class Historian” passing 1 million streams on Spotify. They have a new album out,  Just Enough Hip to Be a Woman and they have scored the awesome gig of opening for Billy Idol on his current North American tour. You can catch them on their own in New York State on Jan 25th and 26th and all the way through February opening for Billy Idol.

Review by Reanna Streater

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