SXSW Film: Trainwreck

If you’re not already familiar with comedian Amy Schumer, you soon will be; she’s about to blow up. Schumer is already known on the live comedy circuit and is starting her 3rd season of “Inside Amy Schumer” on Comedy Central. Now, she’s about to become a movie star, starring and writing in the Judd Apatow directed “Trainwreck.” trainwreck

“Judd Apatow may be a comedy oracle,” Schumer quipped during her SXSW panel. It’s true. With “Bridesmaids” under his belt, Apatow has helped thrust plenty of comedians into a much bigger limelight, and it looks like “Trainwreck” will be another hit if the loud laughter at its SXSW premier is any indication. The audience laughed so much at the rapid fire jokes, that some of the next joke rounds got swallowed up in the audience’s roar.

“Trainwreck” debuted as a “work in progress” at SXSW, so some f what was shown might get changed in the actual theatrical release (mostly sound and music editing still need some clean up). However, the plot and heart of the film should stay the same by the time this film comes out in July. In “Trainwreck,” Schumer plays Amy (a loosely autobiographical character), who is a young, intelligent magazine writer who is a bit of a hot mess when it comes to her relationships. Because of her dad’s upbringing, she doesn’t believe in love and monogamy and even judges her sister (Brie Larson) who does. When her editor (an unrecognizable Tilda Swinton) assigns her to write about a famous sports surgeon (Bill Hader), Amy finds herself falling in love for the first time and falling hard. This is a scary concept for her and she is quick to look for outs and deal breakers rather than deal with the commitment, even if her heart is telling her this is what she wants.

“Trainwreck” has plenty of the type of humor you’d expect in an Apatow film and Schumer is refreshingly honest in her big screen debut. She’s not afraid to make an “ugly” face, or reveal flaws. In other words, she’s not your typical fake romantic comedy lead who is always flawless and wakes up with perfect makeup already on or never has to pee. This character is real with real issues to work through. You could relate to this character and not just lust after this fairy tale story.

Hader complements Schumer well, but is playing a pretty straightforward character. I will say, his bestie relationship with Lebron James (as himself) almost steals the show in some scenes though. Lebron might have a future in comedy. There’s also a surprising film within the film starring a very popular fantasy series’ star as a dog walker in a fake romance film. It was such a great treat, that I won’t spoil the full surprise of this secret story here.

“Trainwreck” will bring the laughs and the charm this summer. Expect it to be big the summer, but keep an eye on Schumer too. She’s about to be even bigger than this movie, and deservedly so.

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