OK GO at the Granada Theater in Dallas


IMG_7467On Saturday, April 19th, OK GO played to a sold out crowd at the Granada Theater in Dallas, Texas.  The crowd was loud, happy and soggy.  There had been some major storms in the area, even triggering the storm sirens but the house was still packed.

Before the band came on there was a sheer white curtain in front of them that doubled as a screen for projections.  The bands intro included bits of their renowned videos and then clips of various TV shows and movies edited to say OK GO over and over finishing with a true clip of Kermit the Frog saying “Ladies and Gentlemen, OK GO!”.  Now you know you have made the big time when a muppet introduces you.

The next hour and a half was an experience for all to see. The playlist was a greatest hits mix that covered their 10 plus years of albums. The guys used projections on the screen that varied between camera shots from the mics to geometric patterns along with lights and screens behind them.  But the biggest guest of the whole show was the confetti, so much confetti.  How much you ask? Well according to band members during one of the friendly question and answer sessions that filled the time between songs, “a shit ton.”  It covered everything and everyone and if you said you were there and didn’t wake up to find confetti in your bed Sunday morning then you are a liar.

IMG_7411These guys are amazing showmen.  They have great chemistry that comes from being friends and working together for so many years.  They are nerds and they embrace it.  They played all kinds of instruments with guitar, percussion, and electric effects playing a heavy role.  The energy they traded with their fans was just as fun to watch as the show.  We learned a bit about them from audience questions including that, while yes, making all those amazing videos can be hard and include long hours, but at the end of the day playing with dogs is not so bad.  The Granada Theater is my favorite place to see acts because it is an intimate setting, but even then they put so much effort into making the whole crowd participate.  Lead singer Damian Kulash crowd surfed, and even walked out to the center of the audience for an acoustic performance of “Last Leaf.”   There was a song they played using recordings of the audience clapping, stomping, and making other cued sounds that were then entered into an effects machine. They brought out opening act Shemar Allen for “Skyscrapers” and he absolutely killed it on his trumpet. There was even a rousing cover of Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog.

IMG_7494By the time they came out for their encore as the audience chanted OK GO, the screen lifted to reveal the guys all wearing white jumpsuits and they dove into the dance routine performed around the world to “A Million Ways.” It was awesome and hilarious.

I cannot truly convey how much fun I had at this show.  I love to see live music of all kinds even if it is an unknown artist playing to five people, but when you see a show where the band is having just a much fun performing as the audience is having watching, it is truly magical.  The guys teased during one of their chats that they may be returning to Dallas in the fall.  I am keeping my fingers crossed and I highly recommend you do too.

Review and Photos by Reanna Streater

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