Kodaline at the Granada Theater in Dallas, Texas

kodalineWhat a difference a couple of years can make. The last time I saw this Kodaline, it was in a tiny bar in Fort Worth and there were maybe ten people, but this night they played to a full house with two albums of material to play.

They are currently on tour in support of their newest album Coming Up for Air. The crowd at the Granada Theater in Dallas, Texas was varied, but there was no doubt there were quite a few females in the crowd.  At the start of every song a wave of high pitched squeals erupted from the audience. Not that it is surprising as this is a band of four young men from Ireland who have know each other for years. Lead singer Steve Garrigan counted down in his charming accent “one, two, tree, four” and it only amplified the frequency of the squeals.

The first time I saw them, they played an hour of material from their first album, In a Perfect World, chatted with the audience and played a few covers; they are very big fans of Sam Cooke.  This time, filler was not necessary.  They played song after song and the audience was familiar with each and every one.  I am a big fan of Garrigan’s voice, it is clear and  bell-like.  The band as a whole has great harmony and play multiple instruments. Garrigan played the mandolin, harmonica, guitar, and keyboards.

Coming_UpPlaying from their hit list including “All I Want,” “High Hopes,” “Honest,” “Love Like This,” and “One Day,” they put on a solid show. Their sound on stage is fuller and they are looking more experienced and confident.   They have a cohesive stage presence and a good sound.  That combined with their song writing abilities, you will continue to see these guys rise in popularity.

They are currently touring along the West Coast and on in to Canada.  Their current album is available everywhere.

Review by Reanna Streater



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