SXSW Interactive: Peloton Bike Makes Home Workouts Social

When you think SXSW, you don’t necessarily think fitness. Instead, you think celebrities, tacos, and lots of drinking. But what’s really neat about the interactive aspect of the festival is you learn about a lot of new industries and concepts, while still having the sort of fun you’d expect comes with the aforementioned celebrities, tacos, and lots of drinking. That’s why the Lost in Reviews crew started our SXSW off with a fitness class right in the middle of a bar thanks to Peloton. peloton

Peloton, is indoor cycling re-imagined. Get the intense workout experience you’re looking for from the comfort of your own home. Basically, this smart bike lets you take a premier spinning class from live instructors in NYC from the comfort of your own home, or in our case, from the comfort of a SXSW venue hosted by Fast Company Grill. The concept of Peloton takes a smart bike that has you strap in to more accurately track your distance and other features, while also engaging with a live class (or pre-recorded class) of your choosing through a video display.

With Peloton’s built-in app, you can talk directly to instructors or friends that are also participating in the same class, because after all, working out is easier and more fun with friends. Our rider especially enjoyed the competitive aspect off the app, and he had a blast working his way up the ranks against other class participants during his workout.

Peloton offers 10+ live workouts daily with its team of elite instructors. While it’s a big perk to join the classes live, you can also schedule them for your convenience. Scheduling is also a handy feature for families or roommates using the bikes, plus, the bike allows for multiple users to log-in to keep your fitness history specific to you.

While you technically could still take the classes without the Peloton bike, we’d recommend going all in. With its stable carbon-steel frame, comfortable saddle seat and smart strap-in shoes, it’s more comfortable than most exercise bikes on the market.


For more information about Peloton, visit

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