SXSW Music: Austin Local Darlings Wild Child Close Out Do512’s Enviable SXSW Party

Even before playing a single note, Wild Child’s singer and violinist was already stealing SXSW’s attendees hearts.

The charming chanteuse smiled and danced through the tangle of wires wrapped around the stage to paint colorful lines on the cheeks of her bandmates and fans. For a “local” band at a festival known for its overwhelmingly massive lineup, headlining a SXSW showcase that already featured big buzz acts such as Haelos and Diarrhea Planet might have anyone else’s nerves on fire, but Kelsey was the picture of serenity. That’s because for Kelsey and her bandmates — this was home. No, not just Austin, but the stage. The stage as surrounded by friends and a new soon-to be family. For the brief 40 min set, the bustle and chaos of 6th Street melted away and all eyes were on the charming indie pop folk band on stage.

As Kelsey and her co-singer Alex exchanged glances and lyrics, twisting their way through “Silly Things”, a song that is anything but, many in the crowd who were not already singing along were left breathless. For those that could muster some breathy behind their words, they were left saying Lumineers who?

The dynamic band mixed the sounds of strings and brass with delicate vocals with such tender craft and ease, that it was easy to see how such a lovely band could hold their own in a headlining slot after a band like Diarrhea Planet had just had a massive punk mosh pit while their singer hung from the rafters. A strange lineup pairing, but something that worked as if this was the chocolate mousse dessert following a hearty steak dinner.

Wild Child is on tour this May 2016. For photos from the Do512 event featuring Wild Child and acts such as Haelos, Diarrhea Planet, and Yacht, browse the gallery below:

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