Thousand Faced: Pride of Baghdad

Pride of Baghdad Writer: Brian K. Vaughn Artist: Niko Henrichon Publisher: Vertigo/DC Comics Freedom! Terrible, terrible freedom! Pride of Baghdad is no Lion King. What it is will surely break your heart in ways no Disney film will ever be able to. That being said I'll bet some sea bottom scuttler in an Armani suit... Continue Reading →

Thousand faced-Transmetropolitan

Transmetropolitan Writer-Warren Ellis Artist: Darrick Robertson Publisher: DC Comics This is a series that puts the "dis" in dystopian. What sick road are the likes of the Koch brothers, Fox News and The Tea Party taking us down? It is the road to ruin and that's where Spider Jerusalem dwells. Spider is the natural heir... Continue Reading →

Thousand faced: Wanted

Wanted Writer: Mark Millar Artist: D.G. Jones Publisher: Top Cow Let's see the hands of those of you familiar with the term "irreality". It's a phrase coined by Phillip K. Dick. the king god of screw with your perceptions science fiction. If you've seen Bladerunner or A Scanner Darkly you have an approximation of what... Continue Reading →

Thousand Faced: A Contract With God

A Contract With God Writer and Illustrator: Will Eisner Published by: W W Norton and Company Did you know you can tell stories in comics other than opening cans of hyper-powered whoop-ass and blowing up things real good? Really. I love the costumed crime fighter myth but recently it was brought to my attention that... Continue Reading →

Thousand Faced: FreakAngels

FreakAngels Written by:Warren Ellis Illustrated by: Paul Duffield Published by: Avatar Press I remember a film from the early 60's called Village of the Damned. It was British and was science fiction short on effects but long on story. Adapted from The Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham, it tells the story of a group of... Continue Reading →

Thousand Faced: Secret Six-Unhinged

Secret Six-Unhinged Writer:Gail Simone Artist: Nicola Scott Publisher:DC Comics The writer with some of the biggest balls in comics may very well be a woman. Gail Simone is rocking this series and now I have a new favorite title.  Awhile back she wrote Wonder Woman and of late in this very column I lamented the... Continue Reading →

Thousand Faced: The Rocketeer

The Rocketeer Writer and Artist: Dave Stevens Published by: IDW Publishing Nothing zings my heart and makes my blood race like the art deco futurism of the 1930s. A stubby winged, long cowled plane with bulbous wheel covers and a gorgeous dame who really knows how to almost not wear silky perfumed underthings and oh... Continue Reading →

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