The Lost In Reviews Podcast #3: Podapalooza

Welcome to the brand new Lost In Reviews Podcast hosted by Richard Pepper, Nick Guzman, John Coovert and LIR founder and Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City's Creative Director, Ryan Davis! It's no holds barred, anything goes. We're not just talking about movies, but also music, pop culture, TV, Mondo, and whatever else comes to mind. It's... Continue Reading →

Lost In Previews: Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted

Yes!! Everyone's favorite furry little dudes are back following the greatness that was the sort-of-reboot of the Muppets franchise, 2010's The Muppets! While Jason Segal does not return as the sequel's screenwriter, Flight Of The Conchords directed James Bobin DOES return for directing duties, meaning we'll get more of the same fun and quirkiness that came with the... Continue Reading →

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