SXSW Film: Fresno Interviews

"Fresno" is a new dark comedy about two sisters in a codependent relationship. Judy Greer plays Shannon, a sex addict recently released from rehab, who goes to work with her lesbian sister, Martha, (Natasha Lyonne). When Shannon accidentally kills a hotel guest, the two try to cover it up, but uncover even more about each... Continue Reading →

SXSW Film: Best of Enemies

It was once said when you're in love you want to tell. Well, I was once in love and that love of my life was journalism. She seemed like the most pure and precious thing in my life upon my discovery of her. She changed my life and gave me purpose. However, as the years... Continue Reading →

SXSW Film: Bone in the Throat

I'll admit I had never heard of the book "Bone in the Throat" and I never even knew Anthony Bourdain wrote a book besides "Kitchen Confidential." So, when I heard that there was a film that was based on a book that Anthony Bourdain wrote, at first I got really excited then second I assumed... Continue Reading →

SXSW Music: Awolnation

I will admit I do believe that SXSW music should be reserved for those unknown bands in a chance to spread light on them in a chance that it will help them succeed. I believe it’s our job as music journalists, music writers, or music hacks, whatever we are, whatever I am. However, I also... Continue Reading →

SXSW Music: The Gooch Palms

Punk Rock, is one of my least favorite topics to talk about when it comes to music. Stating any sort of opinion or claiming you like a particular punk band in a crowed room or bar always seems to bring out at least a few grunts and moans. Saying “man, I really think this is... Continue Reading →

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