20,000 Days on Earth – Review

20,000 Days on Earth (DoE) is a documentary capturing a fictitious day in the life of Nick Cave. While the film has the general purpose of taking you through the final days of the recording and release of his newest album Push the Sky Away, the focus is completely on Cave: his thoughts, his life,... Continue Reading →

The Congress Review

Unpredictable, ambitious, and artsy as hell, The Congress is a sci-fi drama by Drafthouse Films with lot to say about the movie industry, as well as the boundaries of reality and self. In two hours, this film will confuse you, enrage you, delight you, and bring you to tears - ultimately leaving you a bit... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Miami Connection

Get ready for the reunion tour of a lifetime.  Getting the band back together, the ass kicking, taekwondo orphans, mega rock band Dragon Sound, is being resurrected for a brand new audience for some of the best 80s music around.  Synth playing, mullet rocking, guitar shredding, pop infectious lyrics will get you jumping out of... Continue Reading →

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