Movie Review: Magic Mike

If you are of the female persuasion, you probably have seen the trailers and TV spots for Magic Mike.  There is a little part of me that squeals like a teenage girl each time I see them.  While going to see some of the hottest male stars strip down to their G-strings is reason enough... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: Magic Mike

This trailer had me giggling like a teenager.  Oh man!  I think this is a film that many women have been waiting for and it is called Magic Mike.  The film is partially based on Channing Tatum's life before he became an actor.  Yes, he used to strip.  Steven Soderbergh directs the film with a... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: In Time

Writer and director of In Time, Andrew Niccol has a penchant for doing films that are in the science fiction genre.  In Time is not an exception.  The film depicts an alternate world where everything is based on how long you have left to live.  It is not a wholly futuristic film, as many elements... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: “Beastly” Embrace the Suck

"Don't judge a book by its cover" is sound advice stating you shouldn't prejudge the worth of something by its outward appearance alone.  CBS Films tackle this metaphor with a new take on an old classic fable in Beastly.  Unfortunately, Beastly itself is just as subject to that metaphor as its characters are.  Don't judge... Continue Reading →

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