Movie Review: Warm Bodies (Rachael’s Review)

If sparkly vampires can fall in love, why can't the somewhat-undead do it too? It isn't fair to compare Warm Bodies to Twilight, though the target audiences will have much in common. Semi-monster is conflicted about being a monster, falls in love with a girl, and goes to great lengths to prove he's more human... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Warm Bodies (Sarah’s Review)

Let's make this clear upfront.  Warm Bodies is not Twilight with zombies. There was an early promotional poster that screamed Twilight, and got fans of the novel quite perturbed.  Any comparisons to Twilight are undeserved as Warm Bodies is quite the inventive, quirky, romantic comedy with zombies to ever exist. I read the novel by... Continue Reading →

First Look at Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies is a film in production right now.  It is based on a novel of the same name by Isaac Marion about zombies who take over, leading the remaining humans to band together and build new "towns" within secure areas.  The center of the story is a zombie named R.  He can't remember his... Continue Reading →

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