SXSW Film: We Are Legion

Brian Knappenberger's We Are Legion is the kind of Documentary that is so good, and so raw, that it feels like a fictional movie. Like how The King Of Kong was. You know? When Billy Mitchell shows up in his American flag shirt with that gorgeous mullet, too cowardice to actually face Steve Wiebe as... Continue Reading →

The Top 15 Trailers of 2011

As the chief movie trailer chick here at Lost in Reviews, it is my duty to let you know which movie trailers in 2011 blew me away.  Hopefully, they are some of your favorites as well (if you are in to this kind of thing).  The following trailers are presented in no particular order.  You... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: Anonymous

Anonymous is a film about the question as to whether William Shakespeare actually wrote his plays.  Was it someone else?  Even I was enlightened about this theory in English class in high school and in college.  It is probably something that will never be solved, but it sure makes for a great film.  I am... Continue Reading →

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