Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – Review

DC Comics has decided to try and get a wedge of the pie that Marvel has been hogging – superhero team-up movies. Having an established team - the Justice League - that is just as popular as Marvel’s Avengers, one would think DC could come up with a competitive and comparable alternative to the wildly... Continue Reading →

Gone Girl: Spoiler-Free Review

Gone Girl, my friends, is one of those movies. You know, one of those movies - the kind of movie that you talk about the whole car ride home from the theater, and desperately urge your friends to see because you want to talk about it, but you refuse to spoil it for them. It's... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Argo

Argo is based on one of the true stories about the Iran Hostage Crisis that began in 1979.  This film focuses on the rescue of six American Embassy employees who escaped the Embassy and hid at the Canadian Ambassador’s house.  Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) is a CIA agent who creates the story of a fake... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: Argo

Argo is the next film from actor-director Ben Affleck.  If you have seen The Town and Gone Baby Gone, you probably want to see this film as well.  Ben Affleck has recently been sporting a Justin Beiber haircut in all of the papparazi photos while Argo was filming.  That is because the film is set... Continue Reading →

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